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============ Small series in June 16, 2012 Saturday, visited Canton Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong 1125-1127 Kwong Kin Centre 4th Floor, Club Houzz gay saunas. Recent Club Houzz Sauna is organizing Saturday and Sunday 28 years of age 10 yuan admission activities According to the shop guys said that the effectiveness of the activities is very good. ================
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討論區會員獨享各種優惠== == == == == == == == Welcome Log GayTie.info Forum Forums Exclusive various concessions ================

Compared to ordinary gay sauna, Club Houzz counter very bright, a door, a very clearly marked price of admission fees, counter staff very careful to inform week's event is 28 years of age 10 yuan admission discount, the clerk to the a large towel, a small towel, and keys, it led me into the door. door a few neat row of lockers, the boss is very hard to see out the bracelet strung with beads, is their own cupboard keys , compared to the general use of plastic wristbands, or elastic rope strung keys, really advanced a lot. only one large towel, small towel in the sauna within the scope of activities is very easy to find, you can shop on their own without access to replacement , is really very intimate, because in fact, many sauna towels have been counter to obtain, store and create an easy feeling.

Store offers WIFI usage, the absence of local Hong Kong Internet SIM card overseas visitors, it is really convenient can relax in the sauna moments, you can sit on the sofa spacious living room, watching the latest drama, while Read proceed on the iPad / iPhone / Smart Phone for Email, fro Facebook / QQ / Whatsapp on a message if you want to look quietly, next to another area, stocked with a few small sofa and a small table, the table arrayed carefully prepared food for visitors with fruit, either everyone access, so you battle hundreds of rounds, can comfortably add strength.

Store space is spacious, wide walkway leading to the interior of each room with shower / steam room / shower room. Shop floor using cushion design, but also a Club Houzz intimate little place this design on small compiled speaking, people feel relaxed, not stiff. Imagine walking on hard and inside the sauna floor, and like walking on the grass is so soft ground, is really very different feeling. According to the boss said. underground cushion will heat. replaced the heater. WOW ~ ~ winter will certainly be to try to go in the warm ground. heart warm up ~

Club Houzz most special place, is that each room has a mirror many of the Japanese GV will be some side and the lens is a muscle hunk male superior sex, while the two men looked in the mirror, yes, Mongkok Club Houzz meet you this adulterous fantasy, you can in a spacious room, looked in the mirror yourself, enjoy your happy moments with him. Club Houzz room size is moderate, not crowded, with soft lighting, so that you can embrace your sweet he , indulge in two of the happy hour, of course, if you want to point stimulation, Club Houzz there are no doors between the rooms, room door only a curtain, and being peeping peeping meet your desires. play your wild Listen clerk he said that Friday's event was no room nights. ie rooms are locked. slugger Imagine a group living in front of you ... in the hallway ... in the living room screaming .... dig! ~

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Do you have any mirrors?

2003-08-16 13:25:25 by shebear

Try sitting in front of a mirror and playing. Stand her up by holding her up and you can even lay her on the floor in front of one.
I have a slew of rattles; a silver one, a couple of plastic ones, 3 sewn in animals, a rattle with a tooth brush on the end, and toys that rattle. Soft cloth balls or large solid plastic balls. We also have some kids musical instruments like maracas and bells that are fun. A bunch of smaller toys and nick knacks that she can grab but can't choke on.
We have bubbles, scarves good for eye tracking (can be done with any bright scarves) a gymbo doll that dances with mom power

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