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Buildingreport GTK Boxer A1 group transport vehicle ISAF
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GTK Boxer A1 group transport vehicle ISAF

About the history of the boxer has already written everything, so I will confine myself to the modifications of the boxer for use in AFG in the other construction reports this page. In addition to the factory changes (increase in weapon station by 30 cm, jammers, mine protection) I have the following construction - accounts for changes / additions - photographically documented:

- Installation of a sheet to divert the exhaust gases

- Water bottles for holding light sticks of antennas and mirrors

- Conversion of the mounts in the tow rope to the right side of the vehicle (since the brackets are screwed into the glands of the armor, I left the brackets on the roof gone, since I assume that the band has just implemented this)

- MG-box (.50 cal) to right rear side

- Water dispenser and canisters to the rear left side

2 tow straps attached to the front of the bow shackles -

- Anti-glare and Barracuda camouflage FLW - Optics

Enough has been written about the Revell kit. The biggest shortcoming of the kit is good in itself, the lack of detailing of FLW and the hatches closed for me. Although the PE rate improved a lot (especially on the FLW), but by far not all. Blast from the Resin Conversion Kit for the FLW and the open hatches appealed to me though, but I was too much for € 45. Since I wanted to continue my Resin Gießkünste improve anyway (last year at the Leo 2 A6M CAN tested for the first time), it was clear I build the open hatches and the lack of other parts of the course itself also meant to build a crew for the hatchways.

  • Revell: Boxer + PE set
  • DEF model tires (loaded)
  • DJIti: Modern German Soldier; Boxer commander
  • Black Dog: German Modern Accessories
  • Modern German Soldiers
  • Trumpeter: Various G 36 - weapon sets
  • RB Model: Antenna feet; .50 cal MG
  • SKP: Lighting Kit Leo 2 + M-ATV
  • AK-Interactive: Lens (2.3mm, 1.5 mm)
  • Echelon: mirror film (for the Vajra - Boxer)
  • Perfect Scale: ISAF - Decals
  • Chassis / propulsion module

    The chassis is built according to plan. The DEF tires have shorter shots, so that the ends of the axles have to be shortened. The side plates I have mine protection for photos by Ralf Boxer twin model on Armorama made.

    On the bow of the driving module I first several anti-slip pads to the photos (Tankograd) supplemented or displaced by grinding. In addition I have resin casts of the coverings of the mission module manufactured and glued them with superglue. The pads I later taped and structured by Mr. Surfacer and Cast-a-Coat powder.

    The transition to the nose plate Bugkante (B 67) is smooth, which was not the case in my model after sticking together in the bow (not paying attention). Unfortunately, this falls clearly on, so I had to "bolster" with a 0.3 mm plastic strip the component B 67th

    Revell has indicated some of the holes for the bonnet on the add-on armor. I have drilled all holes and plastic pens used with a glued nut.


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