Mirrors for Dance Studio

$ 35 instead of $ 120 per course choice for children in Dancing Dance Studio

$ 35 instead of $ 120 per course for children. Choose discipline:

  • Girly jazz
  • Jazz funk
  • Hip hop
  • Theater

Bring your child's talents beyond getting all the permissions you want with these courses for boys and girls aged between 11 and 18 years. On the one hand, can learn hip hop, a free dance style that blends rap, funk and hip hop. Girls who feel no affinity with the tutus, may choose to mix hip hop with jazz on a concept called girly jazz and noted for practiced on heels. You can also learn jazz funk, jazz technique combining with afros and contemporary rhythms that provide a variety of arm and trunk movements. Finally, you can take the course of theater, where you train the voice, pantomime and improvisation techniques are taught, voice and body language. Each class lasts 1 hour and is taught to groups of maximum 25 students.

Dancing Dance Studio

Those who enroll their children in this dance studio usually leave the place with a charming pace of happiness in the feet, but not just for the music but for the trust you give them more than 15 years of experience has this study. This is how the classes are conducted under the care of instructors CPR certifications in air conditioned rooms where learning takes place with the softness of the waltz.

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CTBU CTBU Glass Less Mirror Physical Activity Panel 16" X 48"
Home (CTBU)
  • Shatter Proof Glass Less Mirrors are perfect for Wall Panels in Dance Studios
  • Use as a Visual Teaching Aid Glass Less Mirrors Mounted as wall panel
  • Weight Training Centers, Trade Shows, Casinos are perfect locations for Glass Less Mirror
  • Shatter Proof Mirror are perfect for Spas, Office Buildings, School Gymnassiums
  • Use in Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, Tanning Salons

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Movable dance mirrors

2008-08-26 09:41:08 by richardchaven

We're looking into movable wall mirrors for an occasional dance studio. I've found some Mylar mirrors on the web for about $600 a 4'x8' panel: and
Four or five of these to make a whole wall run a bit expensive; does anyone have suggestions for an alternative ?

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Lot 26 Lot 26 Studio, Mirror Wreath, Vinyl Christmas Peel and Stick Instant Holiday Wall Sticker Decals
Home (Lot 26)
  • 1 sheet; 11.5 Inches x 15 inches
  • Holiday decorating at its best; Printed vinyl adhesive decorations for a living room, kitchen, entryway, foyer, dining room, dorm room, dance, party, and more
  • Peel and stick instantly transforms; easily removable; fun and inexpensive
  • Spread good tidings; Red and silver acrylic mirror wall decal wreath; Share your wish for "Peace On Earth" in a uniquely new way
  • Tis the Season; simply peel, stick and celebrate!
Justin Timberlake "MIRRORS" - Choreography by HA LE
Justin Timberlake "MIRRORS" - Choreography by HA LE
Manhattan Toy Manhattan Toy Dancerific Studio
Toy (Manhattan Toy)
  • Part of the Groovy Girl Collection by Manhattan Toy Company
  • Inspires fun, creative play in your young child
  • Studio includes mirror with fabric trim and satin covered ballet bar
Raven Initiation
Music (Raven)

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